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Lady Communications Her Old Flames On Valentine’s

This girl Shamelessly Messaged All Her Old Flames On V-Day… Let’s see just what Happened

The Story

One of the facts of dating in 2016 is most of us have telephone contacts for outdated flames we never ever circumvent to deleting. Katia, which provided you her number without you actually asking in 2014. Emily, just who proceeded one ill-fated time with you to an elegant bar in 2015. Annie, whom you almost connected with then again decided not to for the reason that her awful style in flicks. You recall all of them, they bear in mind you, as well as your phones recall both’s contact tips. But no person bothers texting anybody because… what is the point?

Well, we’ve learned what the results are as soon as you actually deliver those thirsty-ass texts, using a blogger named Victoria, which texted 17 (!) old flames she realized from the woman moves in Ireland while experiencing depressed on Valentine’s Day. Let us find out how it transpired. 

The Snapshot

Turns out Niall does recall the lady.

This guy she labeled as “Penguin Erector” has many difficulty determining who she’s…

Classy. Why don’t we observe how Isaac manages the problem:

As Victoria sets it, “we are all only one little bum go with far from never ever being alone once again.”

The Lesson

Biggest takeaway right here? If a vintage fire strikes you up out of nowhere on Valentine’s Day, it might just be fodder for her weblog. In either case, do not a thirsty douche (cough, Niall) and deliver their some lowkey flirty af messages while your own girl’s back is transformed. Which is messed-up, bro. 

Oh, and also… if the companion is actually flirting with somebody behind the back? It may be in their LinkedIn communications. Sneaky.

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